When we were kids we all dreamed about living in huge mansions, driving amazing vehicles, and never worrying about bills. As you get a little older you realize, making that kind of money is often times a combination of hard work, a college degree, and knowing the right person. I remember my first job was as a restaurant host, greeting and seating guests for a total of $7.01 per hour. The pay wasn't bad, for those days, but it gave me a huge amount of respect for restaurant workers.

The struggle to make a wage that can support a family is very real here in Montana, and with the help of Zippia the career expect site, we have found the list of the lowest paid jobs in Montana for 2016.

I was definitely shocked when I saw some of the jobs on this list such as: Carpet Installers, Funeral Attendants, & Dietetic Technicians.

I really hope your job isn't on this list or if it is you are making more than what is listed. But one thing is for sure, we may not be rich in Montana but at least we love where we live!


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