In a continued showing that Montana IS for bad-asses, Helena's Sean "Sugar" O'Malley won his UFC 222 match, with an injured foot.

"Sugar" dominated the first 2 rounds of the bantamweight fight, only to injure his foot during the 3rd round. Fearing the referee was going to call the fight,  O'Malley's opponent, Andre Soukhamthath took him to the ground to finish the fight. This was not only a good show of sportsmanship from Soukhamthath, but also a great showing of the comradery among the UFC fighters. The ref would easily have called the fight and awarded Soukhamthath with the TKO. But, they decided to finish the fight, and O'Malley won by unanimous decision.

Not only was the fight a memorable performance from both fighters, but O'Malley's post-fight interview is proof that we raise 'em right here in Big Sky Country.

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