I feel it is safe to say that a percentage of us have seen the movie "Deliverance."

Now, imagine that same plot, but set in the hills of Montana. That is probably the best way to describe the spooky story you are about to hear.

As Halloween nears, it is time for another spooky Montana story. What do you think? Could this be a true story or just something made up to give you goose bumps?

Synopsis: A guy and his wife were traveling cross country, from Seattle to Wisconsin. They found themselves on HWY 200 in Montana, and opt'ed to drive through the night, rather than pay for a hotel room. Turned out to be a huge mistake, and the couple found themselves on the side of the highway changing a tire. They figured that wild animals were the only threat they would encounter in Montana. That soon changed as they had a strange encounter with masked "hill people."


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