Regardless of what you are driving or what path you are driving on, you never know what kind of hazards are waiting around the next turn. Whether it be a late night deer encounter on the highway, or a fallen tree on the trail. You must always be ready to make a split second decision on how to avoid the hazard.

Take the following video out of Whistler, BC. A downhill mountain biker had to make a quick decision on how to avoid a collision with a bear bear. He almost makes it look easy.

According to the rider involved in the video

"I was riding the Whistler Bike Park when I almost hit a bear mid-trail. The bear was standing right on the landing of a jump, when another rider yelled at me to stop. I almost ran into the bear but managed to stop, then ran back up the hill to warn other riders. One rider didn't seem to get the message and dropped into the jump over the bear. I hardly had enough time to film it as he jumped over it. Both the rider and bear were fine. Five seconds later, the bear returned to eating grass completely un-phased."


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