Those of you wishing for MTV to return to the halcyon days of the '90s are in luck. Today (July 28), the network announced that this Monday, Aug. 1, they will re-brand VH1 Classic as MTV Classic, with an emphasis on programs that are more than 20 years old. Perhaps not coincidentally, Aug. 1, 2016 is the 35th anniversary of the flagship network's launch.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MTV Classic's prime-time block from Monday through Thursday will spotlight animated shows like Beavis & Butt-head and Daria, with other classic programming, including Jackass, Pimp My Ride and Cribs will run from 10PM to 1AM. Fridays will be devoted to music series such as MTV Unplugged and Storytellers. Weekends will be devoted to marathons of The Real World, Road Rules and other reality shows.

"From Beavis & Butt-head to Laguna Beach, MTV’s programming vault is a music and pop culture goldmine with universal resonance," MTV president Sean Atkins said in a press release. "MTV Classic gives audiences a modern and artful home for classic MTV programming and alongside MTV, MTV2, MTV Live and mtvU — rounds out a diverse portfolio with music and youth culture at its core."

But on that first day, they will begin at 6AM with MTV Hour One, a rebroadcast of MTV's first 60 minutes of videos from back in 1981. Later that day will feature a retrospective of Total Request Live and a marathon of MTV Unplugged.

MTV's Erik Flannigan told Vulture that the idea for the station began when they were making digital copies of "key assets from our last 35 years," a collection that was housed on more than 1 million videotapes. "Much of the programming that airs on MTV Classic came from this project, and the channel will continue to provide a showcase for newly restored vault content. There is unprecedented passion for nostalgia expressed all over social media — Throwback Thursday, YouTube, and many linear channels ... the timing seemed right to bring the best of it back to life in a new context."

You can watch the trailer for the new network above.

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