Every year at this time my shopping cart and my house are filled with Christmas candy. There are just some holiday treats I can’t make, or just refuse to because they are perfect just the way they are. Don’t believe me, just try to make any one of my favorites better. I bet you can’t.

All of my favorite treats can be enjoyed just as they are, but some can be added to your favorite holiday baking recipes to make them even better.

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    Mint M&M's

    Chocolate mixed perfectly with mint describes these tiny treats. These are great for snacking on, and for decorating your favorite sugar cookies or gingerbread house.

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    Ferrero rocher

    Hazelnuts and chocolate with a crunch. These are my absolute favorite holiday treat.

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    Queen Anne chocolate covered cordial cherries

    Sweet cherries covered in a thin layer of delicious chocolate make these candies a staple in my house during Christmas.

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    Candy cane Kisses

    These melt-in-your mouth, mint-flavored kisses are terrific for holiday baking.

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    Terry’s Chocolate orange

    These replaced real oranges in my family’s stockings a few years ago. They are the perfect mix of chocolate and orange, and they even contain individual slices.

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