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Photo Courtesy of iStockphoto

It's common for me to give someone three shots at once. I often pay for things worth more than $20 in all ones. I've learned to make conversation with strangers for uncomfortable amounts of time. All these skills I've learned from my job.

Why yes, I do work at a coffee shop.

So, when a woman in her early 20s talked me up during my shift, I thought nothing of it. The slender brunette introduced herself as Jessica* and chatted with my co-worker like they were old pals as she waited for her triple shot Americano.

After receiving her drink she thanked us and made her way to the door. Jessica passed me in the hallway and out of habit I said, "Thanks for coming in! Have a wonderful night!"

Jessica took this as an open invitation to talk to me for the next 20 minutes. It started as normal banter. Was I in college? How long had I worked at the coffee shop? What was my major? But then it started to get personal. What were my hobbies? How often do I get out with friends? Did I like to work out?

In an attempt to sound like a productive member of society, not just someone who watches 'Girl Code' on the couch with her dogs, I leaned the mop against the wall and told her how I tore my ACL a year ago and have been making an effort to work out more.

This statement sent her into a tizzy. Jessica set down her Americano on the counter and proceeded to tell me how she had also torn her ACL a few years ago. Her hand gestures became more exaggerated and she took a step closer to me as she talked about how hot yoga did wonders for her knee.

The clock ticked. Dinner at home was calling my name. The only thing I knew about a downward dog was watching Yeager, my boxer-bulldog mix, slide face first off the couch.

"It's this really awesome work out in a tiny room that's super hot," Jessica said. "You wear practically nothing, well I guess I practically wear nothing when I go because I sweat so much! My flexibility and core strength have improved a lot."

At this point in the conversation I was a little antsy. In an attempt to convey I had work to do, I grabbed the mop and continued cleaning where I’d left off, until she said something that really caught my attention.

"Hey, we should totally be hot yoga partners together," Jessica said. "I think you'd really love it. Can I have your number?"

Me, being the friendly barista I am, rattled off my cell number without a thought.

Jessica finally left the store. My co-worker came out of the back room laughing hysterically.

He looked at me and said, "So does that happen to you often?"

I was confused by what he meant. I just stared at him.

Between laughs he said, "I've worked here for years and not once have I had a member of the same sex talk to me for 20 minutes, ask me to be a hot yoga partner, and leave with my number. Just saying."

Until those words left his mouth, I just thought of Jessica as a nice person making conversation.

I played back the conversation in my mind. She had been kind of nosy by asking more intimate details than she needed. Most people ask what my major is, but she took it a step further by asking where I saw myself in five years with my career. Come to think of it, her telling me that she likes to wear nothing to class because of how sweaty she get was kind of strange.

Oh. My. God. I had just gotten hit on by an attractive female, and best of all my co-worker could vouch for me. There's no denying that I love being hit on by guys, but this time was more interesting.

Now I'm just waiting for that text, hopefully hot yoga is as steamy as it sounds...

*name has been changed

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