It is almost here. Camping season is right around the corner. The time of year when we all pack up our gear and go pretend to be homeless for the weekend. For years, camping was always a great way to enjoy quality time with the family, all while staying on budget. Getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Maybe go hiking or do a little fishing. Recreational activities that don't necessarily break the bank. At least until now. The prices to get outside and recreate on federal land will soon be increasing.

According to KPAX

Both the Lolo and Bitterroot National forests have announced an increase in fees, effective this summer. The agencies say the increases come after two years of review and public outreach.

So, how much we talking about?

Well, there are talks of the fee raise to go up to $15 per night for USFS Campgrounds. But, the fee could get even higher for popular campgrounds like Seely Lake and Lake Como. Those fees could get up to $25 per night. Getting kind of expensive to spend the night on the ground, if you ask me.

According to KPAX

The USFS notes that 95% of the fee revenue stays with the agency to be spent on local operations and improvements.

Could we see more increases on recreation fees across the state? I wouldn't doubt it. But, Montana has not seen fee increases on federal recreation sites for almost 30 years. So, I wouldn't be surprised in other national forest campgrounds in the state slowly start to increase their rates as well.

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