It seems that every day is a different "National -blank-" holiday. One day it's National Pizza Day and the next it's National Donut Day. But, this is one day I can REALLY get behind. Today is National Paranormal Day. A day set aside to celebrate all things that go "bump" in the night, crawl through the dark woods or beings from another world. Things that are unexplainable.

According to a poll from

80% of Americans believe in ghosts.

1 in 5 – the number of Americans who believe that demons “definitely exist.”
24% – the percentage of Americans who believe that supernatural beings “probably exist.”
13% – the percentage of Americans who believe that vampires definitely exist.
⅓ – the number of Americans who say they have personally experienced the presence of a ghost or spirit.
20% – the percentage of women who are more likely to believe in the supernatural than men.

The really scary stuff, is the stuff that you can't explain. Things that happened in real life, and are by definition "paranormal." Those are the kind of spooky movies you should watch to celebrate the holiday. If you are looking for something creepy, and a little closer to home, then check out the documentary "Tortured Souls of Western Montana." This movie discusses REAL hauntings of locations we are all familiar with. Plus, to add even more of a creepy vibe to the following documentary, it features yours truly as the narrator. What could go wrong?

Thanks to our friends at Tortured Souls Investigations and make sure to like their Facebook fan page.

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