The National Weather Service is reporting that western Montana could experience an early frost as the weekend approaches.

Meteorologist Luke Robinson said the frost could occur early Friday morning.

"Here in these last few days we've had these little weak storm systems dropping south out of Canada, and they're bringing more cool air with them each time," Robinson said. "Right now, we're looking at the possibility for seeing some frost in the area Friday morning. Right now, we're just evaluating it. It's not a certainty, but we will see some of the coolest temperatures of the season so far on Friday morning."

Robinson said the frost could be relatively widespread.

"It probably will be widespread," he said. "We've already had some temperatures in the mid 20's or low 30's up in northwest Montana so far, so those folks have already seen it. Folks down here in the Missoula and Bitterroot valleys haven't seen it yet this year, so it's something we're going to keep an eye on."

Robinson said as a precaution, it might be wise to bring frost-sensitive plants indoors overnight from Thursday into Friday, or to cover plants that can't be moved.

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