Navy SEAL veteran and successful veteran entrepreneur Tim Sheehy has officially entered the 2024 US Senate race in Montana.

Sheehy called in to the statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks with Aaron Flint- on Tuesday morning to talk about why he decided to enter the race, hoping to eventually unseat the liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT).

Tim Sheehy: It's been a tough the end of the day, it's about our country, it's about our state. My whole adult life has been defined by service. Joined the military at 18. My wife, also, we met in the military. Volunteering for the hardest jobs and the hardest tours in the hardest places. And it's always about being at the right place so we can have the most impact at the right time for the country and for the mission. Whether it was in Afghanistan in 2010 in the Korengal Valley, whether it was in Iraq and Baghdad, whether it was starting a business here at a critical time for our country coming out of the Great Recession, and doing an important mission like aerial firefighting- I've always tried to put myself at the center of the fight. I fly our water bombers, I put myself on the front line, I don't ask people to do things I wouldn't do myself.

Sheehy has been heavily recruited by leading conservatives and Republicans, hopeful to avoid a repeat of 2018, to jump into the race. Ultimately, though, he says it was his fellow veterans that encouraged him to run.

Tim Sheehy: We have some serious challenges as a nation across the board, from our deficit to our disastrous pull out from Afghanistan, to China, to our southern border. We have some structural challenges that face us. Nothing we can't overcome and conquer like America always has, but we need serious leaders who want to show up and solve these problems, not just talk about 'em.


Full audio of our chat with Tim Sheehy:


Here's Sheehy's announcement video:

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