#GRIZvNDSU Highlights

You've seen the highlights of the big game... but never like this! Go down on the field with the Griz and see the amazing game from the team's point of view!#FCSKickoff #GoGriz #PrideofMT

Posted by Montana Grizzlies on Tuesday, September 1, 2015


If you attended the Griz/NDSU game, you saw first hand the awesome camaraderie and mutual love for the game among all of the fans. In the days after the Griz win, people from both Montana and North Dakota were raving about what a positive experience it was for all. Well, except that one dummy who grabbed a Bison player by his face mask.

While in line to enter the stadium, I was surrounded by jovial ladies in yellow and I asked if they were enjoying Missoula. Of course they said yes and I apologized for the smoke. One woman responded, "you all need to STOP apologizing, it's not your fault, Missoulians are too nice!" Maybe so, but I also suspect it had something to do with the fact that the entire city was in a good mood because it was game day.

We weren't the only ones in a good mood, check out what Montana Grizzlies Football Fans posted on their Facebook page.

Here are some very classy responses from NDSU Bison Football Fans over on anygivensaturday.com for Montana's victory last Saturday:


“Griz were great and deserved the win. Sitting pu in the corner of the end zone, the crowd was into the game more than most other stadiums -- college or NFL. Montana fans were also great after the game wishing us a safe drive home and praising our team’s efforts.”


“Congratulations to the Montana Grizzlies and their fans! One hell of a hard fought win. You guys deserved it, you out played the Bison today. Congrats again!”


“What a way to start the College Football Season. Great game to watch, although my team lost. Congrats to the Griz!”

“Good job Montana! We have work to do.”


“What a great game!! HUGE congrats to the Griz! They beat us up and down the field.”


“Fantastic game and atmosphere! Congrats to the Griz on a hard fought win. Thanks for the hospitality, Montana!”


“Damn that was one of the best games I’ve ever been at! Good game Griz! Now let’s go 8-0 each in conference and meet in Frisco!”


“The Griz have an offense that’s quite impressive… congrats on the win”


“Congrats Griz! Great game and great win. Beyond that I couldn’t be more impressed with how classy your fans have been after the game. Sitting in the tailgate lot waiting for the traffic to hear we’ve had Griz fan after Griz fan chat us up and there’s been a ton of mutual respect. Very impressed overall with the Griz team and especially the Griz fans”


“Great game to watch. Hats off to the Griz!”


“They out played us. Simple.”


“We need more games with Montana. I hate that we lost, but that was a fun game.”


“Great effort from the Griz! Congrats to the Griz and all of their fans!”


“Always a great day to be a Bison fan but Montana’s offense would not go away. They had some serious swagger on that last drive and throughout the game.”


“We had a big end of summer party with a bunch of App State fans and it almost felt like a big App game the way everybody was cheering! Great win Griz!” –App State Fan


“Awesome game! Just came up a little short…. Congrats Griz! Hopefully we see you again this year.”


“Congrats Griz! What an excellent football game! I loved it. I look forward to many OOC matchups between NDSU and UM. I’d love to play you guys OOC 3-4 times a decade.”


“What a great, great time!! Congrats to Montana and fans… certainly a deserved victory. Thank you too for the hospitality and the fantastic atmosphere. Other than the sting of the loss, I will look back on this with cherished memories.”