It was the perfect day for a Grizzly football fan..almost. 

The game..perfect. A last-second win over the reigning four-time national champs from North Dakota State, a breakout performance by a new coach running a dynamic new offense, timely defensive plays that kept the Griz in the game to the very end.

But, then...after the gun sounded, when fans were clearly asked not to come onto the field until after the team meeting, one individual took it upon himself to run out onto the field and taunt a Bison player by grabbing his face mask.

Sports Information Director for football Eric Tabor said it was an unfortunate incident that reflects badly on the entire Grizzly community.

"Anytime some fan does something to make one of our events not as great as it should be, it puts a negative mark on all of us, the players, the fans, the university, the town, everybody in Griz nation," Tabor said. "It's something we take very seriously, and something we can't condone, and something we're going to continue to look into."

Tabor said the repercussions for the unruly fan have not yet been determined, and officials are working to discover the identity of the individual involved.

The University and the athletic department have sent letters of apology to the North Dakota State football team and administration.