The parking lot at Missoula’s Costco is nearly always packed, which is likely one of the reasons why another, larger Costco is currently in development. Missoula City Councilman Harlan Wells represents Ward 2, where the new site for the second Costco is proposed and says city council will take up the issue in a few weeks.

"The current plan is to put it out on Broadway just past the Forest Lounge, kind of past where the trailer home sales places were," said Wells. "It would connect Mary Jane Blvd. which is one of the collector streets that currently runs through Pleasant View all the way to Broadway. There is a public comment period November 14th."

Wells says he hasn’t made up his mind on whether the proposed site is a good location and is waiting to see what the impact studies project.

"There is a lot of concern on what this will do to traffic through Pleasant View," Wells said. "Currently we already have a big traffic problem on England Blvd. which would sort of become a bypass of the Reserve and Broadway interchange for people trying to get to Costco. I personally am still very mixed on the proposal."

The land where the proposed Costco would be built is currently not in the City of Missoula, but Costco is asking for the city to annex it so that it can connect to city sewer.

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