It's only been a couple of weeks since the new building for the Missoula Public Library finally opened to the public for the first time, but a lot has changed since then. Probably the biggest change? Missoula has lifted its county-wide mask mandate and downgraded it to a mask recommendation, which means Missoulians are free to go maskless in most public spaces again.

Now, it's up to each individual business whether they're still going to enforce a store-wide mask policy in the coming weeks and months. But we've started to see a general return to normalcy around the city - concerts are being announced for the summer, businesses that have been closed for a long time are finally reopening... it's very encouraging to see.

When the new Missoula Public Library building first opened, they did so with a ton of restrictions in place. A few weeks in, and now they're starting to ease up a little bit. First of all, masks are no longer required when entering the library, but they are still recommended. But the biggest change here is their hours of operation: for the last few weeks, the library has only been open in the morning. Now, they're back to their full hours: Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM. It should also be noted that curbside service is no longer available on demand, but can still be arranged if you call the library ahead of time.

Other restrictions - like having only 100 people or less in the building at a time - are still in place for now, but as the summer goes on, we'll see if that's able to change. Have you been to the new Missoula Public Library yet?

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