Montana has become a pretty major hotspot for film productions recently, and that's a trend that we'll likely see continue - the state recently gave a grant to 14 film productions to film here over the next year or two. Seeing production on the hit series Yellowstone was a regular occurrence in Missoula for a couple of months last year, and it's likely that we'll have a repeat of that this year.

So with more productions coming in, it makes sense that we may need some more space to actually film some of these movies and TV shows. And a new movie production studio has launched in Missoula that will allow for just that. Missoula production company With A Cause Productions has announced that their new Treasure State Studios is now open on West Harrier Drive, right near Big Sky Brewing.

The new studio is ready to service both local and out-of-state productions, and the list of features makes it sound pretty state-of-the-art. They've got a sound stage; a green room; a hair, makeup, and wardrobe suite that is apparently themed after A River Runs Through It, which famously filmed in Montana; a building area for sets and props; a backlot; five editing bays; and a ton of other stuff for sound mixing, recording, and more.

Is Montana becoming the new Hollywood? Well, maybe let's not go that far, but we've definitely become a pretty popular destination for film crews (and the occasional celebrity here and there). Are you excited to see these productions coming into Montana?

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