These Missoula metal scene veterans are not only hard core on the stage, but know how to have a good time away from the show as well. After the recent departure of bassist William Sludge, they are auditioning as of now for a replacement. "We're traipsing along through the joyous gauntlet that is the search & audition process. We're not exactly feeling a time crunch on this because we're fortunate to have some awesome friends who are happy to fill in until we're able to fit a glass slipper on our mysterious new string-slappin' snookums"  says WCS guitarist Kromdar.

If there's one thing Walking Corpse Syndrome loves more that their fans, it's... well, NOTHING!!! Other than playing shows all across the northwest, WCS keeps in touch with fans via Facebook and their Youtube channel.  An with no further ado, I give you the latest Walking Corpse Syndrome video!

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