Update 3:10 PM: The mother of the victim is reporting that the authorities have uncovered the identity of the driver and that her parent is taking responsibility for the incident.

The Montana Highway Patrol is actively searching for a suspect after a Lolo parent reported that her son was the victim in a hit and run incident around 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning, April 26.

"My 13-year-old daughter and my nine-year-old son they ride their bikes to school every morning, to Lolo school," said Hayley, the victim's mother. "They passed the Super Stop gas station and they were waiting for the crosswalk for the intersection to say it was ok to walk and a lady pulled up and stopped,  so my son started walking his bike a cross the road, then when he got to about the driver's side headlight she decided to proceed and hit the back of his bike and his leg."

The boy’s leg was reportedly pinned between the car and the bike, causing his mom to fear that it was broken. She know believes it will just develop into a “pretty good bruise” and says her son wanted to go back to school to participate in a special project due that day. The driver of the car apparently sped off.

"He said once he fell over, he was kind of out of her way and she rolled down her window and said 'are you ok' and sped off," Hayley said. "The kids said it was a young girl, probably a teenage girl, but all they caught of the car was that it was an older model, smaller car and that it was a dark green color."

Highway Patrol Trooper Rob Strauch was able to identify the suspect vehicle later that afternoon and speak with the driver who turned out to be a young girl, also a minor. Trooper Strauch says there was no malice behind the accident and that the driver was apologetic, but that the driver should have called authorities. Because of the age of the suspect no further information was released.

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