The fireworks have been popping off for a couple days now. Since the fireworks stands have opened last week, I have found my self jumping out of my shoes at least once each night. For people lighting off fireworks in your neighborhoods, A) it is illegal in city limits and B) your scaring the crap out of your neighbors. So the question is, "Where can I satisfy my pyromaniac urges without ticking off the neighbors?" Well, you first need to be out of Missoula city limits. So just about any public area past the county line will do. But, also keep in mind the possibility of fire danger. It has been a rather wet summer so far, but that does not rule out the chance of fireworks lighting public property on fire.

According to the recent Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks press release

Visiting a Montana fishing access site on July 4 is a great idea – just leave the fireworks at home.

Montana has enjoyed a fairly wet spring and early summer, but fire season in Montana is just around the corner. This means it’s everyone’s responsibility to be careful with fire and any potential sources of ignition. It’s been a long-standing policy with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to keep fireworks off our sites to ensure the safety of our public and to protect our recreation and habitat resources.

Fireworks are illegal on all state and federal land in Montana, including all FWP fishing access sites, wildlife management areas and other sites.

Anyone using fireworks on FWP lands may be charged with a misdemeanor that can result in a fine up to $500.


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