Can we all just agree that Montana in the summer is possibly the best place to be? For a short few months, it's an outdoor person's paradise.

Much like Superman, my powers are derived directly from Earth's yellow sun. Without it, I can't function or fight crime. Not that I did before, but now if I wanted to I couldn't. You get the point.

As I sat around with some friends watching football over the weekend, we got to talking about the lameness that is winter in Montana, and what we really missed that we can only take advantage of in the summer.

Outdoor Concerts

Montana has become a huge destination for music acts big and small, and during the summer our calendar is jam-packed with amazing outdoor shows. Just in Missoula alone we now have two epic amphitheaters, Caras Park concerts, River City Roots Fest, and more. Man, what I would give to be surrounded by thousands of other fans oozing body odor and sweat from a long day of concert partying in the sun all day. Seriously.

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I recently started keeping track of how much money I was saving on gas this summer when prices were astronomical, and holy cow, the bike paid for itself in a month, and the extra cardio is always nice. Yes, you can still bike in winter, but dude, it's the worst.


Don't get me wrong, I don't mind ice fishing. Let's be real though. Just grabbing your pole and driving or walking a few miles to your favorite river spot is so much easier than waking up at dawn, packing 800lbs of gear, and putting 5 layers on just to stand around and literally watch your pole. It's cold, usually windy, and expensive.


This goes along with fishing. Yes, you can absolutely camp in the winter in Montana, but the cost of equipment is so much greater. In the summer you can just throw a sleeping bag on the ground and call it a day. When it's -30 degrees, that just isn't happening.


I'm a terrible golfer. I'll admit it with no shame. Many of you reading this are in the same boat, but we still love it. I think it's more of a social thing as I get older. Now that everyone is married with kids, it's a good way just to get some friends together and hit the links.

Winter in Montana doesn't last forever (even though it seems like it) so chin up. Summer will be back before you know it and we'll all be applying aloe vera and singing along to our favorite bands in the sunshine.

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