It's no surprise to some that Lenden Woodruff has been arrested on charges of drunk driving.

That's because he has two prior convictions for the same offense. But the plot thickens because Woodruff isn't just a normal drunkard, but is a police officer who leads law enforcement departments in Oklahoma.

Woodruff is a former county sheriff and is now a police chief in Colcord, Okla., who has a history of purchasing and consuming beer while on-the-job from the comfort of his police cruiser. That is your tax dollars at work!

The cocktailing cop got busted this time when he attempted to run over a Colcord city official with his vehicle, KFOR 4 reported.

This latest incident could stack up as a felony assault charge, The Ada News reported.

Hopefully, this a--hole will be on the appropriate side of the bars from now on.

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