We have been hosting our "Blaze Night" at the Rustic Hut for over a year now. Since the start of our weekly event, we have experimented with the world's hottest pepper. I'm talking about the dreaded Carolina Reaper. With 60 cent wings and 96 cent PBR on Tuesdays, we developed our own Carolina Reaper hot wing sauce. Think of it as a challenge for only the brave, as well as some dinner time entertainment. Each week I search for a challenger to eat 8 wings drenched in the sauce. Each week, our challenger sweats bullets and pants like a dog. Even though they are one of the tastiest peppers on the planet, they pack a mean punch.

Let's put it this way. The heat of a pepper is measured by what is called a scoville heat units. A jalapeno pepper is 5,000 SHU, while the carolina reaper is a whopping 1,569,000 SHU. But who is the mad man behind the breeding of such a sinister pepper? His name is "Smokin" Ed Currie, and he says he has peppers that can out match the reaper. Hear his story about the origins of the Carolina Reaper.

We will see you each and every Tuesday night at the Rustic Hut in Florence, for "Blaze Night."

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