On Wednesday, the Missoula PaddleHeads announced their Donation Drive to benefit Missoula Youth Homes, taking place on December 16th, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at Ogren Park Allegiance Field.

Missoula Youth Homes is currently serving 254 kids. This includes group homes, emergency shelters, and support programs for teens transitioning out of foster care. According to Director of Marketing Taylor Rush, the celebration will be a drive-thru-drop-off-photo-op party.

“We will have a donation line set up,” Rush said. “After you go through the donation process, we will have a really cool backdrop for Christmas and we will take a holiday photo for you and your family or anyone else that wants to come. It will be a safe drive thru environment. You don’t have to be with anyone that you didn’t come with. We can have some fun and help out some people that could really use it this holiday season.”

Rush said they invite the entire Missoula community to join them as they celebrate this Season of Giving. They ask that you help with what the kids need and they’ll help with what the kids want.

“We have spoken with youth homes and their biggest needs during the holiday, surprisingly, are things like personal hygiene items and household wears like bed sheets, comforter sets, socks, and things of that nature,” Rush said. “In line with the holiday spirit, we recognize presents and gifts are just as important for kids.”

During the holidays and throughout the year, Missoula Youth Homes is in continual need of household, personal, and toiletry items. The Missoula PaddleHeads are kicking things off by donating $1,000 in gift cards and Christmas presents.


DONATION DRIVE at Ogren Park Allegiance Field – December 16th – 4:00pm to 7:00pm

• The celebration will be a drive-thru-drop-off-photo-op party at Ogren Park Allegiance Field parking lot. There will be signs and special elves to direct you through each stop.

• STOP #1 – Donation Station for Missoula Youth Homes

• STOP #2 – Holiday Photo Booth Opportunity

o We have the perfect set up for you to take a couple Christmas Card worthy photos!

• DONATION NEEDS: personal hygiene items for boys and girls, twin sheets and comforter sets, socks, household items and movie, bowling, skiing or swimming passes. Missoula Youth Homes will gladly accept any donation, but these are their largest areas of need.

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