School is back in session. The syllabi are passed out, and the parties have receded a bit. Let's face it: mom and dad would be pissed if you failed another class. So where do you go to study? Obviously your roommate has a nasty cheese cracker habit that you don't want to be around while being forced to read Dostoevsky. Here are some suggestions for you to be a "successful" student.




Ah, the ol' standby. Free Wi-Fi and the same menu you've been ordering from for years. There's also a good chance that you're in the same class as your barista, which would make sharing notes a lot more convenient.

Missoula Club

Burgers are great study grub. This place not only has awesome burgers and beer (for those of you that are of legal age, of course. Don't worry, corporate.), but also all the florescent lighting your institutionalized eyes desire.

Caras Park

Well, at least when it's warm out anyway. Nice grassy patches, and people will leave you the hell alone, at least in my experience. Opt for reading on a bench; it's a perfect reading spot right next to the Clark Fork. If you like being outside, but want to venture away from campus, Caras is a great spot.

Mansfield Library

Seems obvious, right? It's the freakin' library! I know you didn't come to this list expecting something you already knew. That's why it's at number two. Don't worry, I got your back.

Mount Sentinel

Grab your backpack, take your books, and hike your ass up the 'M' Trail. Once to the M, keep going. Take some water or something. Peaceful, with a beautiful view of the city and campus, and, best of all, your roommate won't know where to find you to borrow money. Plus it gets your blood pumpin' as you get up there, and studying is way more effective if you're body is active. Go get 'em. And yes, there will be a test later. Ha! College humor... Not funny, I know...

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