Everyone loves a great ending. Unfortunately, this doesn't fall anywhere near that category.

Monday night's college basketball game between Brown and Bryant was a see-saw affair that culminated in a big-time screwup, giving Brown a 91-90 win.

Brown's Tavon Blackmon scored a lay-up to put his Bears up by one with 3.8 seconds left. Bryant freshman Ikenna Ndugba took the inbounds pass and, thinking his team was ahead, dribbled out the clock. He even threw the ball up in the air and looked for a high-five, mistakenly believing his team escaped with the win before the reality of what he just did hit him.

It's brain fart meets heartbreak. It's a fartbreaker.

There is some consolation here for Ndugba. First, it's only November and the season is still young. You don't want this to happen in March when the madness is in full swing. Second, Bryant is a small school. If he played at Kentucky or North Carolina or any other school where basketball is life this move would be scrutinized for the ages.

So, keep your head up, Ikenna. There's still plenty of time to learn from this.

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