Album number five is in the works for Pop Evil. In a new studio video posted by the band, the group reveals that they've relocated to Nashville to work on their next disc.

"We just wanted a place that was immersed in music. We wanted to be here where all the action is and other genres have really grown here. It's been interesting. I think it's something we wanted to tap into to see if there was something special for us here," says frontman Leigh Kakaty in the clip above.

However, Nashville is just part of the story for the group, who also reveal in the clip that after spending six weeks in Nashville, they'll finish up the process with six weeks in Los Angeles. The band has been working out of Studio A in Sound Emporium Studios with veteran producer Kato Khandwala. Check out more of the new album discussion and hear approximately 10 seconds of driving guitars that will be part of one of the new tracks in the video above.

Speaking further about the progress of the new album, Kakaty says, "The band is in such a great creative groove right now! After taking much-needed time off, we started the writing process in Michigan this past April and May, before heading to the Sound Emporium in Nashville. We have recorded close to 20 songs for the album and are now narrowing down our choices before heading to L.A. to finish the record. Our producer Kato has been a blessing and a pleasure to work with, and he’s the best devil’s advocate we’ve had in the studio!"

He continued, "It’s been the smoothest recording process to date, and we’ve been taking our time and giving each song its due diligence. One thing I can say is you will get a little bit of everything from us on this album. We’re letting all our emotions out on this one. No boundaries. New Pop Evil music is on the horizon!"

But before the band wraps up their still untitled follow-up to the UP album, they'll get in some touring. The group has dates booked in August, September and October, playing a handful of festivals in the midst of their own shows. Check out their tour schedule here.

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