With Christmas on the way, Missoula is going to look just a bit less merry and bright this year. Operators of a popular light display have announced that they won't be able to put on a show for visitors the way they have in years past. If you're a fan of "Christmas Light Show Missoula" on Facebook you may have already seen the news. If you only know the place by the address you've visited before, it's the house located at 4406 Spurgin.

If you've never seen the house lit up and synchronized to different songs it's a bummer that you won't be able to experience it for the first time this holiday season.

The owners posted the following note to let the community know that they wouldn't be able to present their lighting shows:

Hello Missoula!
After last year's light show, we realized that we needed to re-work and replace some of the lighting for the show. We tried to order replacement lights, but due to supply chain issues, we were not able to get what we needed. We are very sorry, but we will not be able to provide a show for you this year.

This house was definitely one of the coolest attractions of the season and the news was met with disappointment by many that have enjoyed it in previous years. A lot of people offered support and hope that the light shows will be able to continue next year as you can see in some of the following comments.

- Such a bummer. Let us know if there is anything the community can do to help make next year's show happen. Y'all sure bring a lot of joy to this community and so many of us would love to help in any way we can.

- We sure love coming by multiple times a year to enjoy the show with our kiddos. Enjoy your holiday season and please come back next year!

- What do you need my husband is an electrician and may be able to help! Please reach out if you would like.

- Darn! Our family was really looking forward to it again this year. We will for sure look forward to next year!

- Oh man! That is such a bummer! Our family has enjoyed your show! Thank you for the gift of the show that you so generously give each year! You are a blessing to so many each Christmas!

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Hopefully, they'll be able to get the parts needed and we'll have one of the highlights of the holidays back in action next year. And when it comes to YOUR lights we want to see them! Show us your best holiday display and you might just win $500 thanks to Trail West Bank. Find more with our Light Up Western Montana contest on our website and mobile app.

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