It is funny how excited people are getting for tonight's last presidential debate. It is almost turning into an event as big as the Super Bowl. I know people planning on making a meal around the debate, while others are planning on partaking in adult beverages while watching.

Be careful mixing alcohol with politics, but if you do plan on drinking tonight, try making it a little more interesting. The following is a fun drinking game to play while watching Clinton and Trump fight.

1. Every time Donald Trump refers to the success of one of his businesses or his negotiating acumen, drink. 

Note: this will probably be enough to get you drunk by itself.

2. When Hillary Clinton directly or indirectly calls Trump a bigot or a racist or calls his supporters bigots or racists, drink. 

If Trump follows up this accusation by countering that Hillary is actually the racist because he loves minorities more than she does, do a shot.

3. If Donald Trump mentions Bill Clinton's affairs in the Oval Office, drink.

4.If Hillary begins to cough and passes out, drink. 

If they cut to commercial break and when we come back Hillary's body double is there debating, do a shot.

5. When Donald Trump uses the word "HUGE" drink.

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