Winter has arrived in Montana, and many of us are already counting the days until spring. 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for some live music. And, when it comes to seeing concerts, sometimes the good old-fashioned road trips can be the best. Heck, some of my favorite memories of live shows are from out-of-town venues--destinations that I never would have stopped at if it wasn't for the promise of a kickass live concert. Stories of how you got there, or how crazy the drive was getting back, are all logged into the "concert memory" portion of my brain.

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With that said, this spring might be a good time to "kick the tires on your old jalopy," and plan a trip to Great Falls. One of the venues in Great Falls has been busy putting together some great shows in 2022. I'm talking about a place called "The Newberry." Comedian Rob Schneider is performing in February, and that show was so popular they sold out and added a second show. Also, the band Hinder will be performing a sold-out show at The Newberry on January 28th.

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Carved Records

This spring may be a great time to visit your friends in Great Falls though because Puddle of Mudd has announced a show at The Newberry on Thursday, April 28th. Also, hard rockers Texas Hippie Coalition are set to perform live on Friday, May 6th.

If you looking for more of a hair metal show, both Quiet Riot and Molly Hatchet have shows planned at The Newberry.

Get details and ticket information on all the upcoming shows here.

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