Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin gave us yet another bizarre onstage moment over the weekend. While performing the hit “Blurry,” Scantlin went into a strange tirade about late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, stating, “I should’ve been there for you dawg.”

2016 was quite the year for Wes Scantlin. He was arrested for trespassing and vandalizing his former home, melted down onstage various times, was arrested for skipping a court date, had a standoff with 30 police officers and was visited by the bomb squad.

During a bizarre show in Lynchburg, Va., Puddle of Mudd were performing “Blurry,” but seemed to break mid-song to jam Stone Sour’s “Through Glass.” Scantlin suddenly began praising Stone Sour and Slipknot along with paying tribute to Paul Gray. “Stone Sour! Slipknot! Force to be reckoned with! I love you guys, man. Oh my god, thank you so much Corey [Taylor] and the rest of the band,” Scantlin said.

He continued, “God bless Paul. God bless your soul Paul. I should’ve been there for you dawg. I should’ve been there for you dawg. I’m gonna miss Paul from Slipknot. I’m gonna miss the lead singer of Drowning Pool [Dave Williams] for the rest of my life.” [via Rock Feed]

Check out the footage of Scantlin’s odd tribute above.

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