As far as I know, this group has never visited Missoula and this is going to be huge. I don't want to call them a band, although they are, but they are visual performers as much as they are instrumental performers. Gogol Bordello are coming to Missoula on May 28th.

Gogol Bordello never stays in the same place for long. Bandleader Eugene Hütz started to hear the songs of Seekers and Finders as he shuttled back and forth between three continents, and the nine-piece ensemble developed and refined them on the road. From its inception, Gogol Bordello has been a band of immigrants, with members hailing from Ukraine, Ecuador, Russia, and Ethiopia. They tour relentlessly. Travel is in their blood. Yet for all the long hours and far-flung adventures that birthed it, Gogol Bordello's seventh studio full-length advocates loudly for living life in a specific time and place: right now – and in the real world.

Gogol Bordello will perform at The Wilma on Tuesday, May 28th. Tickets are $35 at the Top Hat box office and online.


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