Even though a record number of about 13,000 absentee ballots have already been returned to the election office, that still leaves a few thousand voters who will be going to the polls on election day Tuesday, November 6. Look over the Montana election information packet you got in the mail or browse through the Ravalli County official Election website if you have questions. The Polling Places are listed below when you scroll down.

When you go to the polling place that includes your precinct, remember to bring a photo I.D. The election judges need to confirm your identity and after you sign your name, you'll get a ballot. Besides the candidates, there are some issues on the ballot that might require a little homework before you vote. The ballots will be brought to the Ravalli County courthouse after the polls close and the vote-count machine will process them and we'll get the totals. By the way, the absentee ballots will be counted first and we expect a substantial total before 9 p.m. election night. The rest of the numbers will probably take at least a couple more hours or more. Whenever new numbers come out, we'll report them on KLYQ 1240 AM, at klyq.com and on your cellphone (or tablet) free KLYQ app. We'll have a wrap-up Wednesday morning during our two-hour newscast, starting at 6 a.m.

Ravalli County Polling Places
Open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and all are handicap accessible.
Precincts 1-3 - Darby High School Gym - 209 School Drive, Darby
Precincts 4-9 - Hamilton High School Gym - 327 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton
Precincts 10-13 - Corvallis High School Gym - 1045 Main Street, Corvallis
Precinct 14 - Pinesdale Town Hall - Downtown Pinesdale
Precincts 15-16 - Victor School Gym - 424 4th Avenue, Victor
Precincts 17-20 - Stevensville Elementary School Gym - 300 Park Street, Stevi (behind K-3 building)
Precincts 21-22 - Lone Rock School Gym - 1112 Three Mile Creek Road, Stevensville
Precincts 23-24 - Florence-Carlton School gym - 5602 Old Hwy 93, Florence

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