Early Wednesday, August 12, morning the Missoula Police Department took report of a prowler around the 600 block of 6th Street East. According to Public Information Officer Travis Welsh the resident said she heard leaves rustling outside, and the neighbor said this wasn’t the first time an unknown man was wondering around the neighborhood.

"The neighbor described this person as a white male about 5'9 tall, a thin build," welsh said. "She said he was wearing what she described as a puffy coat that may have resembled a Carhartt like jacket. Thought that he had a mullet haircut and thought that he was wearing some kind of hat."

Welsh says that the man did leave and there was no entry made into the home, and recommends the public call 911 to report any suspicious behaviors.

"When we have reports of prowlers, our goal is to try to find these people and try to find out what they are doing," Welsh said. "So if somebody would call 911 if they were to see or hear something like this or anything out of the usual especially during odd hours we have a better chance of making contact with them."

The Missoula Police Department reminds people to lock up their houses and vehicles at night.

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