Are you ready for some fist to face carnage? Revolution Cage Combat is back in Missoula for more action. If you are a fan of MMA, you are not going to want to miss this. Revolution Cage Combat II (or as I like to call it RCC part Deux,) returns to the Adams Center on Friday February 24th.

Check out the match-up for the event:

  • ProsChris “The Bulldog” Sowell (9-3) vs Jerome Jones (11-9)

    Dog Pound                                          Sik Jitsu

    Missoula                                              Spokane


    Jesse Brown (4-4) vs Daniel Augare(0-1)

    Dog Pound                Browning Pikuni Elite

    Missoula                         Browning


    Anthony Curtiss (pro debut) vs  Dakota Schnall (pro debut)

    Independent                                       Citadel MMA

    Missoula/Butte                                   Coeur d’Alene



    Title Fight

    Dylan Schulte (2-0) vs Tyler Popkin(8-4)

    Team Proven Grounds        Independant

    Helena                  Spokane

    Sawyer Depee (5-0) vs Christopher Schell (7-12-1)

    Dog Pound                    Lost Boys

    Missoula                         Coeur D’Alene

    Conall Powers (3-0) vs Daniel Smith (4-4)

    Dog Pound                          Independent

    Missoula                                Spokane


    Derek Winslow (2-1) vs Brandon Caldwell (6-3)

    Dog Pound                       Wolfpack

    Missoula                           Great Falls

    Jesse Derosier (1-1) vs Cameron Robinette (2-0)

    Missoula BJJ/Browning Pikuni Elite            Team Davis

    Missoula                    Idaho Falls

    Justin Hinson (debut) vs Malik Slack (debut)

    Dog Pound                          Independent

    Hamilton                             Spokane

    Kevin Lee Johns (1-1) vs Leo Wells (debut)

    Citadel                             Browning Pikuni Elite

    Coeur D’Alene                  Oregon/Browning

    Will Buzzell (debut) vs Brandon Kurns (debut)

    Dog Pound                           Team Proven Grounds

    Hamilton                               Helena

With so many fighters, not to mention DJ Capture and the Royale Entertainment Dancers, it would not be a good choice to pass up buying your ticket.

Tickets are $18 and can be purchased at the Adams Center Box Office or online.

Fights start at 7p on Friday February 24th.



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