The breakdown in extreme metal has become a focal point for many news bands, especially the entire lot of deathcore. Some songs are comprised solely of trench-opening chugs where kids get sick in the pit, swinging their arms and closed fists wildly as if trying to sever their own appendages and send them catapulting across the venue. In his latest video, Rob Scallon and his friend Dave attempt to nail the perfect and heaviest breakdown to cap off a collaborative effort.

The video opens with Scallon placing a call to Dave, stating their new album is just about finished aside from the final breakdown on the last song. The two discuss what to do and flesh out the idea, but remain unsure about the lyrical approach to add some more angst to the song.

Dave agrees to make it more brutal while Scallon decides to make the breakdown even slower. Still trying to nail the sound, Scallon directs Dave to do a guttural vocal that sounds like water going down the kitchen sink drain, playing off the typical arrangements found in deathcore.

When its still not heavy enough, they continue to adjust the BPM, taking tempo to new places when Dave asks if they can take it to BPH (beats per hour), BPD (beats per day), but Scallon has an even more brutal idea: one BPW (beat per week) and says the song will remain playing over the coming days on his other channel.

That's it for the latest from Rob Scallon! For other absurd takes on heaviness, check out previous videos where Scallon played a song using just one note and even made a song using a single-string custom guitar made from a shovel.

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