We've all had moments in our life where we completely lose our respective train of though, so it's not surprising that on occasion some musicians have lost their way in the middle of a song as well. It actually happens more than you probably imagine, and often times puts musicians in humbling and sometimes humorous circumstances as a result.

Certainly it's something no musician never wishes for, but it often leads to a memorable moment for audience members and how the artist reacts to such situations tells you a lot about their character. It should come as no surprise that many of the acts in this list are singers and after watching Jon Bon Jovi you start to realize why it's not great for vocalists to get too caught up in the audience sing-along.

But flubs are not just reserved for the vocally tongue-twisted. Slayer's Kerry King opens our compilation, famously fumbling the intro to "When the Stillness Comes" multiple times before finally just hilariously walking offstage and bailing on the song altogether.

While it can be embarrassing in the moment, these special instances help humanize the musicians and ultimately make them feel a bit more relatable in the process. So check out these Bands Who Messed Up Their Own Songs Live.

Bands Who Messed Up Their Own Songs Live

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