The light at the end of the tunnel can finally be seen. It looks like the return of LIVE music is slowly making a comeback. As more and more concert are being announced everyday. The monthly installment of "Rock the Root" has returned to the Rustic Hut in Florence. As a bar known for the weekly live shows, most of those shows are specifically made for folks who like to line dance or do a boot scooting boogie. Since the Rustic Hut has taken on new management, the need for a monthly rock showcase has been added. That is why the last Saturday of every month has been reserved for Rock the Root performances.

This Saturday April 24th, The hut is hosting 3 metal bands.

Dashboard Carl

Demon Doll

Dragged Out


That's right! FREE SHOW. If you can't afford to attend the Blaze 21st Birthday Bash at the Fox Club. This might be you next best bet. Affordable drinks, great food and 3 face melting bands....FOR FREE!

Show starts at 9pm

So leave your cowboy boots at home and toss on your least smelly band tshirt. It is time to Rock the Root at the Rustic Hut in Florence.

Keep an eye out for other great rock shows to be announced at the Hut in the future. Just mark your calendars for the last Saturday of every month.

Also don't forget TRIVIA TUESDAYS/ Blaze Night every Tuesday at the Hut. With trivia hosted by yours truly at 7pm. Plus PBR specials and cheap chicken wings.

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