My favorite camping trip of the year, Sasquatch! Festival at the Gorge in Washington, has revealed their line up for 2015.


Out of dozens of bands scheduled for Memorial Day weekend at the gorgeous natural amphitheater and campground in Qunicy, Washington, there are 5 rock stand outs. Robert Plant, Royal Blood, Of Monsters & Men, Milky Chance and my favorite unknown artist of 2014, Benjamin Booker.

I would hope you are familiar with the legendary Robert Plant. We play Royal Blood on The Blaze and I was fortunate enough to see them open for the Pixies in Spokane and they blew everybody away. Just a bass guitar and a drum kit and two bad ass dudes from the UK who sound huge.

As a self proclaimed alt dork, I'm a huge fan of Of Monsters & Men and Milky Chance, both bands had cross over hits on pop radio, which were set to dance beats and made me want to vomit, but un-enhanced albums from both bands are solid.

And Benjamin Booker. First time I heard him, I played the track over and over again, asking people around me, am I insane or is this the greatest thing you've ever heard? That track was "Violent Shiver" and the rest of the album does not disappoint, I am so looking forward to seeing Benjamin live.


The festival has become increasingly less alternative music based, as you can tell by last year's headliner, Kid Cudi (who I had never heard of until attending the festival) and this year's headliner, Kendrick Lamar. It is still my opinion that no matter who is playing, the atmosphere and camping fun are worth the price of the ticket. Sasquatch! is addictive, once you go, you won't be able to stop.

Tickets are on sale Saturday, February 7th at 11 a.m. Missoula time.

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