Whether you're hitting the Sasquatch! Festival this Memorial Weekend, or any show at the award winning Gorge Amphitheater, here are 8 essentials you can't to do without during your stay. In no particular order...


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    The campground rules state that you cannot have a fire pit but you can have a BBQ. Considering Sasquatch! is 3 full days, at some point, you will get sick of beef jerky and need hot food.

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    Our dear friends at Bud Light are the official beer sponsor of Squatch, and there is a beer garden, but you must consider all of the time you will spend at camp. Booze and beer, you can't have enough of it. Plus, it's fun to share with neighbors!

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    Baby Wipes

    Ahhh, the 'ol "touring rock star" bath. Popular with touring bands and adult entertainers, baby wipes are useful in a multitude of ways. Hand washing, dish washing, wiping down camp, cleaning up any spills or various accidents in the vehicle and so much more.

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    Have you ever run one of your favorite artists and found yourself without a Sharpie? It's the worst feeling in the world. With dozens of performers on the bill, you are bound to run into your favorite artists. Don't be caught without a Sharpie.

  • Sasquatch! via Facebook
    Sasquatch! via Facebook

    Warm Clothes/ Cool Clothes

    Typically during Sasquatch!, it's hot during the day and cold as all get out when your favorite band finally takes the stage. Tank tops, flip flops, sunglasses, long pants, long sleeves, hoodie, jacket and hats are a must. Costumes are encouraged.

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    Please don't bore your camping neighbors with a lame camp site. You must represent your state and/or favorite band with a flag.

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    You are allowed to take sealed water into the actual concert site, and you are going to need tons of it at camp. Especially considering suggestion #2 on this list.

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    Toilet Paper

    The Honey Buckets (as they're called) may run out of paper. Running to take a leak in your bare feet when you are half shot only to find there is no toilet paper is heartbreaking. No matter how tired you are, grab a roll.

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