I'll admit that I'm not too adventurous when it comes to food. Nothing too exotic or outside the lines for me. Burgers, pizza, steak, seafood.....and repeat. So it's no surprise that I wasn't aware of what a piroshky was until this week. A quick internet search gives the simple description of "small pastries with meat, cheese, or vegetable filling."

Actually, they seem pretty similar to a pasty. And when I first moved to Missoula I was introduced to the world of pasties as well. I had never heard of them - but they were delicious. So for anybody that's been bummed since Lisa's Pasty Pantry closed their doors.....maybe this is something you'll want to check out.

Piroshky Piroshky is a business out of Seattle. Their menu page looks pretty dang delicious. You might be thinking to yourself, "that's all fine and good - but I won't be heading to Seattle anytime soon - so I'm not sure why this guy is blabbing about food in another state," Well, I mention Piroshky Piroshky because I saw where they'll be in Missoula and they're taking preorders that can be picked up when they're here to deliver next week.

You just have to place your order by July 5.....and then you pick it up when Piroshky Piroshky rolls through Missoula on July 7. You'll pick up your order at Glacier Ice Rink.

Here's details from a Facebook post:
"We are taking our inaugural trips to Montana! Share if you know us! Get your favorite Beef and Cheese or Smoked Salmon Piroshky. We are delivering Market Favorites for FREE with a minimum $50 order! Everything is freezer friendly!"

These piroshkies must be pretty popular. I see on social media where they've recently done the same type of preorder events in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boise and other places.

If you want to get an order in for pick up - you can place one HERE. Just select MISSOULA from the list of upcoming events.

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