Home delivery is certainly effective for things like pizza and medicine, but sex toys? Maybe. 

A sex shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn called Babeland will send a bike messenger to your house, dildo in hand, within an hour of placing an order. That way you never have to venture out into the public and be seen perusing and purchasing embarrassing items like handcuffs, lube or whatever else you perverts buy at sex shops. As an added bonus, you never have to interrupt the heat of the moment by leaving the house to retrieve some kinky treats.

Brooklyn Paper reports that Babeland is merely responding to niche market demand and it’s New York City, after all. If you are getting freaky and want some sex toys on the quick, you can scan the shop’s items online, place an order and then have a discreetly wrapped, uh, package delivered to your front door.

“We’ve had people call and say, ‘We desperately need it here within the hour,’” according to Steph, one of the shop’s sex education specialists.

Business is booming, with three-day weekends being the busiest and hotels comprising the bulk of the locations receiving deliveries. Some customers are anxious, demanding their toys arrive within the hour because, well, they want to play.

Thirty minutes or less or your next pocket pepperoni is free.

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