Shonen Knife is an all-female Japanese pop punk band formed in Osaka, in 1981 and they are bringing their pure punk riffs to Missoula. You can definitely hear the Ramones and the Clash influences in their music, plus Kurt Cobain was a fan, should be a killer show.

  • Shonen Knife
  • Tuesday, October 11
  • Monk's (225 Ryman)
  • $15 at Rockin' Rudy's and online
  • 18+, general admission


Shonen Knife was formed in Osaka by the leading member Naoko. The origin of the band name is an old brand name of a pencil sharpener knife.

They released the 1st album "Burning Farm" from zero records in 1983. It was released from an American label "K" records in 1985. Their one and only unique sound got popular in North America, UK and Europe, they released their first major album "Let's Knife" in Japan, U.S. and UK in 1992. Since then, they release albums and have worldwide tours constantly.


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