The current unrest in the world really makes you think. Sometimes it makes you think a little too much. And sometimes dwelling on the thought of possibly seeing another world war, makes you come up with some really interesting thoughts. This is partly how I stumbled across the story I want to share with you today.

Can we train bears to fight in a war?

Montana already has the reputation for being the home of some hearty and strong people. We also have a reputation for having some intimidating wildlife. The image of a grizzly bear showing his teeth is enough to make anyone shake in their combat boots. So why don't we enlist bears in the Army? It happened during World War II. Maybe it might work in case World War III launches.

A bear was an actual soldier in WWII.

Have you ever heard the story of Wojtek (Voy-tech)? This famous bear was an enlisted soldier in the Polish Army during World War II. That's right, they actually paid the bear money, as well as cigarettes and beer, in exchange for services in battle. Wojtek was an orphan bear raised by soldiers. During the invasion of Italy in World War II, the Polish Army busted through enemy lines with the help of the bear. No, they didn't train him to use machine guns or toss grenades. But, Wojtek did help lift heavy objects and supply the artillery regiment he was assigned to. Soon the image of a bear standing on two legs while carrying an artillery shell became a symbol the Polish Army rallied behind.

Hear the FULL STORY:

Could you imagine the Montana National Guard having a "Bear Squad?"

Let us hope that the conflict in Ukraine does not develop into a full-fledged world war. Until the issues are resolved, my mind will still continue to wander.

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