Slayer guitarist Kerry King was a special guest on The Jim Jefferies Show last night (May 2). You might have expected King to give a lesson in shredding or snake handling, but nope, the Slayer legend offered his secret to seducing hundreds of beautiful women, despite not being classically handsome.

King offered some levity to The Jim Jefferies Show, as the host was doing a segment on violent acts committed by “incels.” The term describes a male who is involuntarily celibate because women aren’t interested in them sexually. The online subculture of incels has become deadly in recent times, with fellow frustrated males praising attacks carried out by other incels.

As Jefferies describes, it isn’t easy to become a ladies man, but Kerry King holds the ultimate secret. “Kerry, you’re not what one would call an attractive fellow, is that fair to say?” asked Jefferies. After King conceded the fact, the guitarist revealed, “at the risk of bragging,” his sexual prowess throughout the years.

But what’s Kerry King’s secret for obtaining the attention of the fairer sex? “I learned to play the guitar, Jim.” Mystery unlocked!

Watch Kerry King’s appearance on The Jim Jefferies Show above and click here for Slayer’s entire run of North American farewell tour dates.

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