During the inaugural Hall of Heavy Metal History induction ceremony, we caught up with Slayer shredder Kerry King to talk about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Slayer’s plans for 2017 and the possibility of more "Big 4" shows.

Kerry King was on-hand at the Hall of Heavy Metal History to induct Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel. “How cool would that be to give him some kind of lifetime achievement award?” King thought. “He’s my friend, dude. It was very cool for me.”

Ronnie James Dio and Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister were both posthumously honored at the event, but Kerry King wants to see both get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well. “Dio is one of my top two singers of all time and he was a good friend and a good dude,” King said. “Lemmy — the career speaks for itself … They motherf—king should be in the Hall of Fame.”

As for future "Big 4" shows with Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax, King spoke about how he enjoyed the events more than he anticipated. “I would be all for it,” King professed. “I just don’t think there’s ever going to be a moment in time to where four headline bands with the same time free to make it happen.”

Check out our chat with Kerry King in the clip above!

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