Here’s an episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ you’ve been requesting for years! We finally snagged some time with Slayer frontman Tom Araya so he could prove and disprove what written about him on Wikipedia!

Slayer recently stopped through New York on the band’s monster tour with Testament and Carcass. We met up with Tom backstage before the band's show at Port Chester's Capitol Theatre, and he gave us one of the best Wiki segments ever!

As always, we started out with our guest’s early years. Tom told us all about growing up in multiple places, one which was fairly gang oriented. He never got into that life, however, nor did Tom’s little brother. Why? Because at the tender age of 13, Slayer was taking him out of school to roadie and do sound on tour.

Legend has it Def Jam distributor Columbia Records refused to print Reign in Blood due to the album’s artwork and various other themes. Turns out this story is fiction, as Tom set the record straight in this exclusive interview. He also dispelled a post which claimed Divine Intervention was a product of Araya hating his life for the past four years.

We finish the segment with a question about Slayer’s Grammy-winning piece “Eyes of the Insane,” but Tom’s answer also took us into fellow Christ Illusion cut “Jihad” and an incredible story about the birth of Araya’s iconic scream on “Angel of Death.” Any Slayer fan would regret missing what Araya had to say here.

It’s the Tom Araya edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’!!! Check it out above!

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