Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg recently debuted his new mask, but what did his dog, Papaya, think of it?

Jay Weinberg isn't the only member of Slipknot to reveal a new mask. The drummer revealed his on Nov. 5 at Knotfest in Los Angeles while singer Corey Taylor showed off his new mask at Rocklahoma in September.

Weinberg introduced his dog, Papaya, who is a smooth coat Brussels Griffon and has her own Instagram, to his new mask and her reaction is adorable. The Slipknot drummer showed his dog the mask by setting it in the middle of the floor to see what she thinks about it.

Papaya sniffs the masks while doing circles around it, and starts wagging her tail, looks up at Weinberg, and starts barking while running back and forth.

The Slipknot drummer then picks up the mask off of the floor, which makes his dog go even crazier. Papaya seems intrigued by the mask and is probably wondering if it's her new toy.

Corey Taylor said during an episode of Vice's The Therapist, "With Slipknot, at least for most of us in the band, the mask is part of the art - it's not just the visual and the shock; it's a representation of who I am in that album."

You can watch Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg's dog react to his new mask in the video below. It seems like his dog is a fan of all of his masks.

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