Winter is nearly here. Fall has been around for some time now. Soon you will be plugging your car in at night, just to make sure it will start in the morning. Soon you will be hip-deep in powdery snow trying to scoop a path from your front door to the mailbox. Soon you will be sharing the road with giant plow trucks, making the roads safe for you to travel on. But not everyone is used to these annual hardships.

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If you are not familiar with the rules of the road, particularly winter roads, then you need to study up quickly. There are a few things about sharing the road with snowplows that you NEED to know. First of all, let's discuss the LAW.

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You must stay at least 200 feet behind a snowplow. You should not pass a snowplow unless absolutely necessary. You should never pass a snowplow on the right. Those are just a few of the LAWS you must follow while sharing the road with a snowplow. But, there are some consequences to not properly sharing the road with these giant plows.

A snowplow driver from Canada put together a great informational video on how to properly behave around snowplows. Everything from the size of a plow, to what the plow can do to your tiny car if you choose to be a dummy. Sharing reasons why it is important you not follow too closely. How the sanders work. And what a plow can do to your vehicle if you are dumb enough to pass from the right.

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The following video is a MUST WATCH for anyone new to the state of Montana or just new to winter driving in general.

NSFW (Language)

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