You know how Facebook sets you up with reminders of things that happened on this day in the past? Those reminders are starting to get sad, as they are starting to remind us that we have been dealing with this pandemic crap for over a year now. For most of us, it has been over a year since we witnessed a live music performance. Which, for some, has been nothing but torture. Thankfully, this weekend, we will finally get to scratch that itch.

Tomorrow (Sat 3/27) March Rizzo of Soulfly and Ill Nino will be hooking up a live show at the Dark Horse.

21+ show

Outside patio stage at Dark Horse

$10 at the door

Marc has been on the road travelling across Montana for the past week. With shows in Bozeman, Billings, Kalispell, Great Falls and right here in Missoula. We recently got to chat with Marc about his solo tour across Montana, as well as the possibility of hearing a new album from Soulfly. Plus, Marc shares with us how he has handled the pandemic and keeping himself busy with multiple side projects. Including a death metal project called "Revenge Beast."

If you missed our interview, listen now

During Marc's performance with Switch Off Safety and Dashboard Carl in Bozeman, March busted out a kick ass performance of Sepultura's "Roots Blood Roots." Featuring Bonnie (aka Siren Ambush) of Dashboard Carl and TWTADS. If you are looking for a sneak peek of what to expect from tomorrow's show, check it out.

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