Dinner and flowers are so cliché, what your partner really wants is to hit the slopes before the season is over. And with all of that holiday sugar, nobody needs more chocolate right now, so how does a fitness pole sound? Good times, right?

Your chance to win 2 lift tickets to Snowbowl and a dance pole is simple, just use your Blaze app to text us the word POLE and you'll be in the drawing. This is a pole like you would see in a gentleman's club, it's easy to assemble and place in the corner of your bedroom, or if you're really fun, in the living room. That'll be a blast for parties, huh? The fun-loving team at Altered Skin came up with the pole idea, so you can thank them.

We'll do the drawing and announce the winner on Friday, February12th, so you have time to wrap the pole and get a card by Valentine's Day that Sunday. Need a DIY card idea? KC's gotcha covered here. My personal fave from his list is "I'm so proud you're my Valentine that I hope we run into one of my exes."

Snowbowl is now open daily, get the snow report, trail map, coupons, and info on events here.

Sending a text is easy, see that MESSAGE US button in the middle of the home screen? That's the one.


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